Life is one long journey. Sometimes it seems to me to be a movie that is unfolding before my eyes with more plot twists and dramatic crescendos than I could ever dream up for one of my scripts. In those first early days of babyhood all you have is the trust that you, a helpless creature with an unformed brain, limbs too weak to carry you and a limited vocabulary will be cared for. As you learn new skills and become independent you live in a sea of quick emotions, rollicking from easy joy to sudden despair, overwhelming anger and back to happiness in a matter of minutes. Over time you learn to control those emotions, to an extent, you become “civilised” and conditioned, programmed and set ready to embark upon your adult journey.  

The world of childhood seems so far divorced from the responsibilities, cares and harshness of adulthood. Yet the lessons, imprints and memories from those early years haunt us our whole life and shape who we become. So, where are you now on your journey? Are you beginning a fresh, new adventure, or are you feeling comfortable with your present situation? Are you restless and wanting to try something new, or are you wary of change? It takes a certain bravery, ability to handle risk and confidence to decide to start up a new venture, whether it be travel, a new activity or a new business. Moving forward and growth are the opposite of stagnation and decay. If there is not freshness and forward motion the situation you are in will slowly decline. A change up, new approach and fresh knowledge will feed growth. Be ready for change, adventure and new beginnings. It does not always mean you have to leave everything behind. Bring with you that which works, leave behind that which no longer serves you.  This idiom applies whether you are efreshing the marketing of a new business or setting up a new business venture, whether starting a new creative project or writing a novel.