I have been a creative writer for most of my life

My best friend from primary school reminds me about the stories I wrote whilst at school which I was asked to present at the teacher training college nearby in Kelburn, Wellington, New Zealand.

I trained as a professional actor at the National Theatre in Melbourne and developed a great love of the theatre. 

Although I didn’t go on to pursue an acting career I did continue to act, direct and write scripts for amateur theatre scanning decades and am still involved in community theatre now.

When I moved into marketing my writing skills came to the fore and I wrote copy, content, ads and scripts for info commercials and radio ads over more than twenty years

and then,

I moved away from the city about six years ago and deliberately chose a coastal environment in which to live that would inspire me as I focussed on my creative writing.

in 2014

 In 2014 I had my short play “Hot chick Goes Out For a Duck” selected to be performed for the Short + Sweet Festival in Merimbula and again in 2015, it was selected to be performed in Sydney.

I am currently working on a TV series concept which I will be pitching this year to production companies.

A novel is underway, looking at mental health issues set in a competitive sports environment.

I’ve written a short piece for a book on Hope that will be published later this year. 

Ideas abound for more plays and film scripts.

Watch this space…..